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Why did we create Re-Style?

The idea for RE-STYLE was born when our co-founder, Harriet, struggled to find a local tailor to recommend her bridesmaids to to alter their dresses, and decided to create a better solution than word of mouth recommendations. 

She knew that there were plenty of brilliant tailors out there and it was just a question of how to make it easier to find them and match their services with what people like her were looking for.

Who are we?

Founders, TJ and Harriet, met when they were working at iconic department store Selfridges, and between them have nearly two decades of experience in luxury retail. Whilst they were there they saw the demand from customers for sustainable fashion options grow and grow, and they were convinced that RE-STYLE could help solve this issue.

What do we care about?

Making your clothes fit you

We know the importance of how the way our clothes fit affects our confidence. By simply tailoring your clothes to fit you, rather than feeling you have to change to fit your clothes, we're on a mission to make you feel great, whatever you choose to wear. 

Clothes that last for longer

The most sustainable fashion choice is what's already in your wardrobe. We want to help you make your clothes last longer, supporting long lasting purchases and being able to wear the clothes that you love again, and again, and again.

Affordable sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion doesn't have to be expensive. We love pre-loved fashion, but it can be hard to shop for different sizes: tailoring secondhand clothes means you can wear your purchases exactly how you want to for a much cheaper price (both for you and the world) than buying new. 

Supporting independent businesses

We want to support independent businesses and help protect the high street, we choose the excitement of variety over mass appeal.

What are you waiting for?


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