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Looking to reduce returns, improve customer loyalty, and provide sustainable after-care solutions?

RE-STYLE offers a range of ready-to-go business solutions, available to immediately integrate with your workflow, no matter the size of your business.

Alterations and Repairs as a Customer Service

Best for: Retailers, Peer-led Rental and Re-sale 

Clothing Alterations

  • Use our Shopify plug-in to immediately link your e-commerce store to our network of trusted tailors across London, Manchester and Birmingham. Your customers can search and book a tailor based on their unique needs, budget and location.

  • Our tailors have a minimum of 20 years’ experience and can cater to anything from jeans to wedding dresses.

  • Need to offer specialist services to your customers? We can create a unique matching service built to your business needs, selecting specialist tailors from our pool of experts, to integrate with your website.

Repairs and Restorations

  • Available for Bags and Shoes

  • Offer your customers expert aftercare via access to our repair and restoration dashboard, where they can easily manage their own items.

  • Customers choose from a selection of services, are matched with the relevant professional, and receive bespoke prices.

  • Nationwide service, with integrated delivery and payment services.

  • Clothing repairs launching soon!

Stock Management: Repairs support

Best for: Consignment support, Managed Rental stock

Repairs and Restorations

  • Available for Bags and Shoes.

  • Use our retailer dashboard to outsource repairs and restorations work to our trusted network of artisans.

  • You’ll be matched with experts and receive in-dashboard bespoke pricing based on the individual items.

  • Our order management system is built to handle large quantities of stock, enabling businesses to easily track and manage logistics, and get stock back in circulation as soon as possible.

  • No need to worry about organizing delivery, invoicing or communications with suppliers, our dashboard integrates these services to ensure speed and transparency.

  • Any bespoke support is handled by our customer service team, so you’re never left in the dark!

Bespoke Requirements

Best for: Anyone!

Tailor-made for you

Have a unique tailoring request? We can support with a range of sewing solutions, we’ve supported businesses with requirements for:

  • Costume adjustments

  • Badge sewing on uniforms

  • Reversible alterations

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