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What are the benefits of being reviewed on RE-STYLE?

When we asked our customers what would help them find and use a local tailor, reviews were the most popular answer. Our customers care about their clothes and want to trust the quality of their alterations.

  • Reviews allow potential customers to quickly understand and trust the quality of your business.

  • Our audience are already actively looking for your services, so use your reviews to attract new customers.

  • The higher your review score, the more visible and attractive your business will be!

How do I get paid through RE-STYLE?

All payments are taken directly by you from the customer, at your store.

How do I encourage my customers to review me?

Once you’ve had your profile created, you will be sent a welcome email with a Re-Style PDF containing your unique QR code.

Print this PDF and display it to allow customers to be taken directly to your review page.

How can I promote my review status in my website or social media?

We will also send you a link to your Re-Style profile that you can add to your website and social media, encouraging potential customers to see your reviews.

What are you waiting for?

We’re looking for skilled tailors to join our network. If this sounds like you, then get in touch

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