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Things to bring with you to your alterations appointment

Are you preparing for your first tailoring or alteration appointment? It can be overwhelming to know what to expect and what to bring along. But fear not, RE-STYLE is here to share some tips to help you prepare for your appointment and get the best results.

For the people in a rush, here’s what to bring to your appointment:

  • Bring the garment you need altering (obviously)

  • Bring the underwear you plan to wear with it e.g. the right bra or shape-wear

  • Bring any accessories such as shoes or belts

  • For that extra touch, bring special items such as jewellery or a pocket-square

  • And don’t forget to schedule a follow-up appointment with RE-STYLE

For the readers of the world, we’ve got you! Here’s a little more detail…

Bring the item you want altered

First things first, there’s no question about it, for best results for an alteration you need to visit a tailor with both you and your item there. This may seem obvious, but it's important to remember in order to save some rosie cheeks when you turn up empty handed.

Ace your base(layer)

Ever tried something on after ripping opening the packaging and it fitting terribly, only to try it again with the right fitting underwear and it looks glorious.

We’ve all been there, that’s why it’s a good idea to bring the underwear you plan to wear with your garment to your appointment. For example, if you're getting a dress fitted, bring the bra or shape-wear you might want to wear with it. Similarly, if you're getting alterations done on a suit, bring the shirt you plan to wear with it. This will help your tailor make sure your item fits perfectly and there’s no surprises when you actually come to wear it at the occasion.

Accessories that make a difference

Whether you’re getting a dress hemmed, a suit adjusted or a pair of jeans tapered, to help you get the perfect fit you should consider bringing accessories, especially the shoes you plan to wear with the item.

Why? If you're getting a dress hemmed, bring the shoes you plan to wear with it, as the hem length will differ depending on the height of the heel. Similarly, if you're getting alterations done on a suit, perhaps bring a particular belt you plan to wear with it along with your shoes.

Complete the look

Sometimes it’s the small details that really bring it all together, that’s why if you're planning to wear a specific piece of jewellery or a watch with your outfit, it might be a good idea to bring it along. This will help your tailor make the necessary adjustments to the garment to accommodate the accessory. Think of it as giving your tailor all tools to create a masterpiece.

Schedule a follow-up appointment

Depending on the complexity of the alteration, you may need a follow-up appointment. This is especially true if you're having multiple alterations done or if the alterations are particularly difficult - don’t worry, the tailor will let you know if the alteration is complex or not.

If this is the case, make sure to ask your tailor if a follow-up appointment is necessary and schedule it with RE-STYLE before or after leaving the store.

So, to recap…

Remember to bring the garment, the undergarments and any accessories, including special items, you plan to wear with it , and if necessary to schedule a follow-up appointment with RE-STYLE. With these tips in mind, you'll be well-prepared for your appointment and be sure to get the perfect fit for your outfit.


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