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Tailor Spotlight: Meet Cherrie!

Meet Cherrie Stevens from Sew Me Stay in Bermondsey, whose tailoring skills range from redesigns and alterations to bridal wear and even bespoke underwear!

"I’ve been sewing professionally for over 20 years, but I started when I was at secondary school. I told my mum I wanted to learn to sew: once she bought me my first sewing machine and saw how good I was, she got me doing my own school uniforms!"

Cherrie’s professional tailoring career began in the early noughties when she worked as an in-house seamstress for a popular bridal store in South London. This was followed by launching her own business in South Bermondsey a couple of years ago, predominately specialising in bespoke men’s and women’s evening and casual wear.

In line with current sustainability trends, Cherrie has recently been focusing more on offering alterations and repairs, but her heart is in bespoke tailoring. This even includes lingerie, as Cherrie is the first tailor that we’ve met who is specifically trained in underwear fitting and design!

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Book your appointment with Cherrie Stevens here: Cherrie Stevens x RE-STYLE


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