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How to pick the perfect tailor near you

We all encounter situations where our favourite garments must be altered, refitted, or repaired. Today, more than ever, sustainable shopping and making clothing last are at the forefront of every fashion lover's mind. A tailor can help you make your clothing last for longer! However, we are aware that picking a tailor you can trust for your clothing can be a daunting task. Read more for some essential tips to help you find your ideal tailor!

A RE-STYLE Tailor's sewing machine

The RE-STYLE team has compiled some key tips for choosing the right tailor:

1) Check Previous Work:

Look for examples of the tailor's previous work. Usually, you will be able to find images on their website, or you can discover pictures left by customers in their reviews. By checking this, you can get a better idea of how they work with garments.

2) Look at Reviews:

You will usually get a feel for a tailor’s work and customer satisfaction by looking over the reviews. If the majority are positive, this is good news. At RE-STYLE, our tailors have over a 4.5 Google rating; this is usually a good place to aim.

3) Research:

Always do your research! Tailors can specialise in different types of work. For example, some tailors specialise in bespoke tailoring or creating new garments, some specialise in bridal and bridesmaid dresses, and some are pros at tailoring formal suits. Read up on their website and get a feel for what your tailor specialises in. RE-STYLE also features a categories section so you can browse tailors by speciality.

4) Look for Guide Prices or Pricing:

This may depend on person to person and their unique budget, but checking a guide price, if available, can give you a better idea of how much your job will cost. A guide price is a primary starting point for what a tailor's price would be per request. It could cost more depending on the severity of a repair or the complexity of an alteration, but this is a great place to start.

RE-STYLE website's guide prices for tailors and alterations
RE-STYLE includes guide prices for tailors

Here’s some good news: RE-STYLE compiles all of these tips into one easy website!

RE-STYLE was created so that you can easily find a tailor based on your specific needs and location. For each tailor, you will be able to check past work quickly, see guide prices and our range of prices (£-££££), and see what jobs they specialise in! Our website also categorises specific types of tailors. If you need an express service, bespoke tailoring, bridal tailoring, a female tailor, or a tailor who can do complicated alterations, we have you covered! Finding a tailor has never been easier, and you can now book with confidence.

With RE-STYLE, you can find a trusted, local tailor picked perfectly for your unique tailoring needs. We have a network of expert tailors across the UK. Our tailors are in major cities, including London, Manchester, and Birmingham.

If you have any questions, please email or check out our FAQ page.


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