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How to Find the Best Tailor to Alter your Clothes (it's easy!)

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

The key to feeling great in your clothes is having them fit well. Tailors can alter your clothes to make them fit you perfectly, and rework items to suit your body shape or personal style.

However, it can feel daunting trying to understand the tailoring process and knowing which tailor to trust with your clothes. Don't worry! We've made it easy for you with our five tips for how to find the right tailor for you:

1) Consider what your timeline is: when do you need to have you clothes ready for?

Are you getting something altered ahead of a big event or do you need an urgent repair? If you have a deadline, such as a wedding or formal event, then it’s great to plan ahead. Some tailors will offer an express service, but complicated alterations can take time.

2) How far do you want to travel to meet your tailor?

There are great tailors all over London, however if you are looking for a specialist tailor, such as for bridal alterations or to create a formal suit, you might have to travel a little further than if you are just looking for a great local tailor or dressmaker.

3) Don’t stress if you don’t know the exact term for the alterations you want to do to your clothes.

You know you want your skirt re-hemmed? Great! However, if you don’t know what this means, don’t worry! When you meet with a tailor, you can discuss what you want, terms like: shorter, looser, tighter at the waist, will all work just fine! The tailor will measure and pin your item to get the right fit, and as they are doing this, you can feed back if you want any changes. Don’t feel shy, it’s a two-way process and they will expect you to share your thoughts!

4) Use RE-STYLE’s dedicated search features to match with the right tailor for you.

Three tailors posing alongside clothes, mannequins and sewing machines
Featured Tailors on RE-STYLE (L-R): Cornelius Tailors, Cherrie Stevens, White Bubbles Tailoring

Easily search and match with tailors based on:

  • Their specialties: whether this is designer clothes, complicated alterations, or whether they have a female tailor available, we have handily split them out.

  • Location: you can search tailors by location, we have a network of tailors across London.

  • Specific item: match with a tailor based on your specific item of clothing and what alterations or repairs service you need, as we have worked with our tailors individually to understand which materials and services they can provide.

Check out tailor profiles in advance to see photos, guide prices and verified customer reviews.

See their availability and book online, your tailoring appointment is ready at the click of a button.

5) Check for personal recommendations.

The tailors on RE-STYLE have been through an extensive interview process: our team visits them in person to view their workspace and see examples of past work before they join our site. We have vetted previous customer reviews, and in most cases the team have sent their own items there too – you can see RE-STYLE team member reviews on our tailors' profiles. We’re also on hand to answer any questions you may have. Message us in our chat or check out our FAQs.


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