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The best clothing alterations to create a perfect fit

Updated: Mar 22

Rows of multicoloured tailoring threads

We all enjoy shopping for vintage and secondhand items, as well as shopping for clothes in general. However, there is always a risk that the clothes we buy may not fit properly! Shopping online for clothes can be risky without trying them on. But what if there was a way to adjust the fit without dealing with returns?

Everyone has a different body shape, so standard clothing sizes like small, medium, and large may not always fit well. Imagine being able to customise your clothes to fit your specific body shape perfectly.

The answer is simple and something many of us, myself included, haven’t always realised!-Tailoring.

Garment alterations and repurposing your clothes is good for not only the environment but also your budget. This is the perfect, sustainable option to keep your wardrobe lasting longer, season after season. A high-quality alterations service will make a huge difference to how your clothes fit.

Tailor pinning denim jacket on mannequin
RE-STYLE Tailor Cherrie Stevens tapering a denim jacket

How to find your perfect fit! Here are 3 easy alterations that will make a big difference:

1) Shortening the hem: This is especially handy for those of us on the shorter side. If your trousers, dresses, or skirts are too long, a tailor can easily shorten the hem of your garment to fit your specific proportions.

Trouser hemming and dress hemming are popular services and good news! This is usually a budget-friendly service, depending on the type of fabric. RE-STYLE offers guide prices to help you stay on budget. This makes it easy to compare pricing and choose the best person for your task.

2) Tapering: Tapering is a tailoring term for adjusting clothes for a closer fit. If your dress has a low neckline with visible gapping, a tailor can adjust the straps to improve the fit. Similarly, if your jeans are too baggy in the leg, you can have them tailored to be slimmer.

3) Taking in or letting out your clothes, i.e. making them bigger or smaller! When you take in side seams, you fold over the fabric and stitch it to make the garment smaller. When you "take out" a seam, you remove the stitches and then let out the fabric to make the garment bigger.

When shopping for clothes, remember that the most important thing is how they fit you, not the other way around. Your clothes should fit your body well, highlight your best features, and make you feel good and confident!

If you have any alteration questions or concerns, try checking out our FAQ page or email us at


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