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Bespoke Sewing Projects: Theatre Case Study

Bridge Command actors in  uniforms aboard their starship looking at a screen

Bespoke sewing commissions: tailoring for businesses 

Need help with creating customised costumes, adding your brand logo to merchandise, or making clothing items for specific events? As a business, you may have unique sewing requirements that fall between the order size needed for a mass manufacturer but are too big for a local seamstress. RE-STYLE will not only help match you with the perfect tailor for your bespoke requirements but will also manage all of the logistics for your order: invoicing, delivery and all communications, taking the hassle out of finding the right tailor and managing your job.

All of RE-STYLE’s tailors are experts, with an average of 20 years professional experience and are hand-picked by the RE-STYLE team.

CASE STUDY: Theatre costumes

The UK is home to some of the best theatre groups and immersive experiences, not to mention the famous West End. One essential part of the thespian world is the costumes. These garments are centre stage at every performance and must be kept in good condition so the show can always go on.

How can a tailor help with costume upkeep and creation?

  • Repairs: Wear and tear can happen to costumes, and tailors can help with all kinds of repairs to patch up any holes or tears in any material.

  • Alterations: Tailoring can ensure costumes fit each member of the cast perfectly by making adjustments like hemming, meaning no more wardrobe malfunctions!

  • Customisation: If your theatre has any uniforms or costumes that need customising, tailors are on hand to adjust these to your needs, such as adding logos, costume redesigns or anything else you require to make your items unique.

  • Bespoke pieces: When it comes to creating new costumes or meeting unique requirements, bespoke tailoring is the answer.

With RE-STYLE’s network of excellent tailors, it’s never been easier to complete your unique sewing projects, whether that’s uniforms, pattern-cutting, or bespoke alterations, we’ve got the right team for the job.

RE-STYLE X Bridge Command’s Case Study:

Bridge Command is an immersive starship experience opening in London. You can join a talented cast and pick your own mission from a vast array including espionage, exploration, and many more. The cast of Bridge Command sport unique spacesuits with their original Bridge Command logos.

Bridge Command pilot USC Havock working the starship's control panel.

RE-STYLE supported Bridge Command with their unique costume requirements, working with them to ensure that the 200 costumes needed for the production were fully customised and ready to take their wearers to galaxies beyond!

“We worked with RE-STYLE on a bespoke sewing project for our upcoming immersive theatre production where they were able to support us with our unique costume requirements. We found their communication, logistics support and various other aspects of the service to be perfect and will be using them again." -General Hong, UCTCN Fleet Command.


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