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6 Ways to Upcycle Your Festival Outfits

Updated: Jul 11

With festival season in full swing, we thought we’d show you some creative upcycling options you can try with a tailor to create a sustainable and iconic festival fit. Use RE-STYLE to find a local tailor who can help revamp your outfits.

1.) RE-STYLE a Pair of Jeans into Jean Shorts

As seen on Kate Moss at Glastonbury 2005, create your own denim shorts out of any pre-loved jeans or trousers. This can be simply done with a pair of old trousers or denim jeans, a tailor can expertly alter them to your desired length.

2.) Create a Trending Midi Dress Out of a Maxi Dress

Boho is back! This can be seen from this years catwalk and brands like Free People’s boho chic collections. Thanks to this, the midi dress, a slightly shorter sister to the maxi dress, is now back in trend and perfect to wear to a (hopefully) sunny festival. A tailor can simply reshape and shorten the hemline of a maxi dress already in your wardrobe giving you an elevated, festival-vibe dress.

3.) Make a crop top out of a tank top or shirt

If you already have a longer vest or t-shirt lying around, you can create this cropped version that’s perfect for the warmer festival weather.

4.) Turn an oversized button-up shirt into a summery dress

If you have a button-up shirt with plenty of room, or you can steal one from your boyfriend, you can tailor it to create the perfect summer dress.

5.) Embroider and add patches to your denim for added flare

If you want to elevate your jeans or denim skirts, a seamstress can add some beautiful embroidery or patches, perfect for a summer festival outing. Add flowers, designs of your choosing, our customisations in colourful thread to ensure your denim stands out from the crowd.

6.) Create a new neckline

Yes, It’s true! Tailors can create a completely new neckline on your old garments. Just ensure there is fabric to spare, and a plain neckline can be turned into this summer's latest trends, including an off-the-shoulder look or a square neck-lined top.

Now use RE-STYLE to create the perfect upcycled outfit!

With RE-STYLE you can easily repurpose and create the perfect festival outfit, no sewing skills required! Our site will simply match you to the perfect tailor near you to help you with your upcycling project. All you need to do is press the ‘Book a tailor’ button and fill out the details of your request.


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