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The retail industry has faced significant challenges from the increasing volume of clothing returns, impacting both financial margins and the environment. Handling returns incurs logistics and processing costs, and the frequent transportation and restocking elevate the carbon footprint of the sector.

A survey by RE-STYLE, a UK-based tailoring tech platform, identifies a key cause: the mismatch between standardized sizing and diverse body shapes. Many consumers struggle to find well-fitting clothes, leading to high return rates and shopper dissatisfaction.
To address this, retailers must adopt strategies that cater to diverse customer needs, improving satisfaction and loyalty while reducing environmental impact. Incorporating alteration services offers a sustainable and economically viable solution.
Insights from the RE-STYLE survey provide a roadmap for sustainable practices and better business outcomes. Customization and personalization through alterations can help retailers stand out and build stronger customer relationships. This white paper offers a comprehensive analysis of the challenges and actionable recommendations for reducing returns and enhancing service offerings.


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